Casa Poporului – cum ar fi arătat

Întâmplător am dat peste o imagine veche cu Casa Poporului, pe care se poate observa cum in 1986 s-a montat, de proba, o cupola ca la Luvru pe unul dintre turnurile palatului.

I’ve randomly stumbled upon an old image of the People’s House in Bucharest (now Palace of Parliament), where it seems as a Louvre-style dome has been placed in 1986 on top of one tower of the palace.

Turnul din nord-est al Casei Poporului, văzut în 1986 din Magazinul Unirea

The north-east tower of the Peoples’ House, seen in 1986 from the Unirea Mall

Already the first models of the building show that it has initially been designed to have domes on top of its wings and towers. After the regime has changed in 1990, there was no longer the interest to build after the vision of Ceaușescu – most unfinished buildings have been completed after „western” standards,

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